Quiet Sunset

Quiet Sunset

The river overflowed adding an extra element to the landscape, reflecting the vegetation and the hills on the water. This lonely tree was catching the last sun rays with its new leaves.


Fir Branches

There are some big firs at the English Garden at Geneva.

Little Green Paradise

In the middle of the city of Caldas da Rainha, there is this beautiful natural paradise. People come here to relax and escape from their daily routine. We almost forget about all the cars and buildings that surround Parque Dom Carlos I.


Low Clouds

Good afternoon everyone! This pictures were taken at Serra de Montejunto, Portugal. There were really low clouds which see from the top of the hill looked like fog. It was an amazing scenery. Windmills I found this landscape very interesting. In the foreground, there are some rustic windmills while in the background we can see wind … Continue reading Low Clouds