Sunset at Santa Rita

Sunset at Santa Rita

Here's a few new pictures of a cloudy summer sunset at Praia de Santa Rita, Torres Vedras, Portugal.

Vibrant Sunset

Vibrant Sunset

The clouds hide the sun but it could still show its power and glory

And Everything Resumes to This

And Everything Resumes to This

After the sunset the world seems to turn off. We are involved by a sense of relief a calmness. The endless sea reflects the last colours of the sunset as the sky turns darker. That's it.


Low Clouds

Good afternoon everyone! This pictures were taken at Serra de Montejunto, Portugal. There were really low clouds which see from the top of the hill looked like fog. It was an amazing scenery. Windmills I found this landscape very interesting. In the foreground, there are some rustic windmills while in the background we can see wind … Continue reading Low Clouds

Where Water Turns to Gold

Where Water Turns to Gold Torres Vedras - Portugal The golden light overcame all the other colours on this sunset. Everything had grey tones except the sky and the water. The waves wet the sand creating this beautiful reflection on the water which accentuated the colour. Feel free to like and reblog 🙂