Golden Ripples

Golden Ripples

Nature can produce the most beautiful and mesmerizing patterns.

Girl at the Beach

Days at the Beach – Summer 🏖️🀧

Here's my new drawing of an original character I created. I've been working on this one the whole summer, since planning the pose and her look.

Sunset at Santa Rita

Sunset at Santa Rita

Here's a few new pictures of a cloudy summer sunset at Praia de Santa Rita, Torres Vedras, Portugal.

Living In A Flower - Montpellier cistus

Living in a Flower

I went for a walk on the country and found these little white flowers called Montpellier cistus (flor de sargaço or esteva in Portuguese) Cistus salvifolius

Quiet Sunset

Quiet Sunset

The river overflowed adding an extra element to the landscape, reflecting the vegetation and the hills on the water. This lonely tree was catching the last sun rays with its new leaves.

Nao Tomori from Charlotte

Right from the beginning, Nao caught my attention. I wanted to make my graphite version of Nao. +personal reflection about the meaning and beauty of graphite drawing.