About Me

Carolina Pereira

I’m Carolina Pereira and I live in Portugal.

Since I was little I’ve always loved to draw.

When I was 10 I started drawing fan art, simple drawings with fine liner and coloured pencils.

About 3 years ago I started drawing with graphite pencils. It gave me freedom to have my own style and technique.

I’m very keen on anime and manga (you can visit my MAL page on the links below). These are the main subjects of my drawings, especially female characters.

One aspect that I treasure on my drawings is the idea of movement. I use references on most of the drawings, but I chose very carefully so I can keep my personal touch on the drawings. I love flowing hair, gothic/Victorian style dresses, hats…

I seldom post a graphite drawing because those take hours to finish even if I draw a bit every day. I also have school work which is a priority for me.

Nowadays, I’m trying to do more besides fan art. I’m working on creating my own characters and poses so I can evolve my style.

Over the years I’ve got into photography, so I also like to share some of my pictures. I’m trying to improve my skills on this subject. I focus on nature, especially the small details and sunsets for which I have a special love.

What concerns my interests, I can say I’m not very mainstream. I like alternative music (hail emo trilogy and Muse) and sometimes I listen to something heavier… I follow fandom kings on YouTube *coughs* phan shipper *coughs*… I watch a lot of anime and I actually enjoy reading books and staying home and runs away from parties. Carolina Pereira is basically the one you can’t fit on a category.


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