Nao Tomori from Charlotte

Yay, Carol’s drawing hiatus is over, guys!

Nao Tomori - Charlotte

Nao Tomori from Charlotte
(友利 奈緒, Tomori Nao)

Last Summer I started watching Charlotte and the concept and art impressed me (it was no surprise when I realized it had Key Studios involved). I don’t usually like superpower-themed animes, but this one was surely an exception.

Right from the beginning, Nao caught my attention. Firstly, because her personality has some traces in common with mine and I felt empathy with the character. This is a crucial point to make someone get into the story. Secondly, I saw drawing potential on her hair, on her expressions and on her movements. I wanted to make my graphite version of Nao.

So, this is the result. The line art was inspired by an existing drawing, with some adaptations to my style and view of the character. I’m very happy with it! Personally, I’m proud of the shading of the bow and on her thighs.

The most incredible about drawing with graphite is the ability to create expressive art with only a grey scale. Some may think it will never be the same has a coloured drawing, but each technique has its own advantages and beauty. Graphite drawings are a metaphor for something I can’t even explain… Like the possibility of creating beauty from darkness and monotony.


Ok, this got a little deeper than a drawing’s description shall be… Anyway, art is art and thinking is a way of art too. Words have the power to extol. Art is more than what we see, read or hear. It is also a piece of the artist’s soul, even if it is a simple fan art drawing based on a pre-existing idea.

Again, sorry for the long text, but I felt inspired and I had to express my thoughts. While I was drawing I found the “reason why”. I realized it was a way of relaxing and abstract from reality. Kind of therapeutic, to be honest. (Not that I have mental health issues. Nowadays, it’s hard to talk like this without having people thinking you’re depressed or something, which deeply annoys me.)


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