Iki Hiyori (Noragami)

I’m back with graphite!!!


Iki Hiyori (壱岐 ひより) from Noragami (ノラガミ)


I decided to take a step further and draw Hiyori according to my own vision of the character. I mean, I had a few screenshots as reference and tried to mix it all together.
The result is this sweet girl on that iconic pose with her winter outfit.

I’m not completely happy with her face because it ended up too small and I couldn’t draw any details and I didn’t want to erase or else I would erase the hair too.

Anyway… I’m happy because I finally managed to draw something without basing on a single artwork or screenshot and made. This one I can truly say that I drew it from the bones to the clothes.

Why Iki Hiyori? Why Noragami?

I watched Noragami and Noragami Aragoto last year and I really enjoyed it. It was funny and dramatic at the same time. It touched themes such as friendship and dealing with our pass while running away from bad habits and temptations.

Obviously my favourite character is Yato!
Yato Fabulous King Icon    s-senpai~

However, Hiyori caught my attention on the artistic side because of her poses and you know how I love long blowing hair. Also I found it interesting drawing a human-ghost (Half-ayakashi).
Hiyori Spin Icon

That’s it. Hope you like it and make sure to add it to your favourites and leave a comment with your feedback on the drawing or simply with something about the anime! I’d love to hear what you have to say!


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