Taking flight for the first time ✈

Hi there!

Long time no see…

So, I finally managed to get some time to share the photographs I took on February, during a trip to Switzerland. It was amazing and I really miss those days. I made good friends, saw some breathtaking views and… I saw CERN’s CMS right in front of me!

I’m planning on posting on a kind of chronological order for the next days (or weeks).

I’m starting with the plane travel. Nobody needs to know this pics were taken on the trip back home.


Arctic Landscape

It was the first time I flew and I enjoyed it a lot! Every single second was like a message to my eyes. Let me explain, blue is my favorite colour, so what could be better than being surrounded by a massive blue scenery!? Then, watching the mountains, the clouds and the cities bellow the plane was such an amazing sight!

OK, Alps are a pretty cold place covered with snow, but this ain’t Antarctica… But this enormous cloudy “floor” looked just like a frozen land. It was so… pretty(I guess I’ll be repeating this word quite a lot for the next posts, so…)


Over the Mountains

Some snowy peaks somewhere in Spain…

In this trip I discovered how much I love mountains.



This one was taken when we were flying over the north of Spain. We can actually see the coast in this picture. It’s a shame that because of the fog and the altitude, the picture does not have much contrast…

And that’s all for today. I hope you liked it and please stay tunned for more! 


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