Low Clouds

Good afternoon everyone!

This pictures were taken at Serra de Montejunto, Portugal. There were really low clouds which see from the top of the hill looked like fog. It was an amazing scenery.



I found this landscape very interesting. In the foreground, there are some rustic windmills while in the background we can see wind turbines. This is the evolution of windmills on a picture! From the most rural to the most modern. Our world is changing a lot.


Hill After Hill

Hill After Hill

Fog running through the hills. The light was soft and there was a gentle breeze which made the grass wave.


Under the Golden Light

Under the Golden Light

The sunset light painted the landscape with warm yellow tones.


Cloud Meets Ground

Cloud meets Ground

At sunset, the clouds started to get close from the spot were I was. The top of the clouds was illuminated by the sun. It was like we had a massive ocean made of fog in front of us.


He is Calling

He is Calling

The sun shine bathing us with all its grace. Sometimes flares create interesting effect on the lenses.




A panoramic view of Montejunto.


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